Friday, June 1, 2012

Pinay Pussy - Week 14 - Filipina Sex Diary

Week 14 of the Filipina Sex Diary includes fucking two beautiful Cebuana Twin Sisters in John Tron's hotel room.   A memorable moment, as the two lovely Filipina teens work his cock over in tandem, like they've done this a thousand times before.   That's a moment any foreign sex traveller will never forget. 

Also, is beautiful Filipina teen Veronica, a sexy 18 year old Cebuana, that loves a hard cock in her pussy and warm cum deep inside her.   That's right, sex traveller John leaves his entire load in her tight Asian pussy.  This guy is either going to get an STD or have hundreds of babys to take care of before he leaves the Philippines.

It's safe to say that this great porn site, that has been in operation now for four months is one of the hottest sites on the web.   First off, to fuck sisters, and then a beautiful teen like Veronica is alway hot.  But to do this week in and week out for over four months, is incredible.   This guys has banged some beautiful Pinay pussy, and he's not done yet.

Filipina Pussy - Jeremay and Maika Threeway

A while back, we picked up a little Filipina cutie by Trike called Maika.  She was all but 85 pounds of pure Filipina Pussy.   She was a real sweetheart when we met her, but turned into a wild sex fiend once in the hotel room.  It was a good day meeting Maika, and great time fucking her.

Forward a couple months to April of 2012, where we saw Maika and a friend of hers walking to their gogo bar (where they work) in Angeles City, Philippines.  She instantly knew who we were, and why we were there.  She said something to her girlfriend, Jeremay, as to say, "hey, these guys have money".   Jeremay was a bit shy at first, but warmed up to the idea of coming back to the hotel room to talk some business with us.

Now, most of the girls we pay usually receive around $100 US dollars to fuck on video.  That's pretty cheap considering US pornstar get on average around $1000 to fuck on video.  But we got two girls for $100 bucks total, $50 to Maika and $50 to Jeremay to fuck us both on video.  It was pure heaven, as once they got into it, it really got hot.

Jeremay was a real cutie, following Maika's lead.  Once she got that dick inside her tight Filipina pussy, it was all over.  She was hooked on big cock and she worked it like a little slut that was hiding deep inside her.  She fucked hard, as Maika kissed her lips and licked her nipples.  It was pure heaven, both for the Trike Patrol stud, and for the two girls.