Monday, November 29, 2010

Filipina Poony - Maxine - Hot Hot Hot Cebu Bar Girl

Cebu Prostitute Maxine strips naked in hotel room
for the camera in very sex Pinay strip show
 I picked up Maxine at a local Cebu, Philippine a gogo bar.  She was working at a high end club called Arena KTV.  I saw her dance on stage, and then go sit down with a Japanese customer, cuddling up to him, treating him very very nice. 

KTV bars are great, because you'll find lots of pussy in the clubs.  These girls will suck you right there on the spot if they have the chance.  They are interested in making money, and Maxine is no different. 

I went back the following night to Arena KTV and got there early.  I asked the mamasan if she would bring Maxine over to me so I could buy her a ladies drink.  It was only a matter of minutes and she was there right besides me smiling, saying, "Weren't you here last night baby?"  These girls are sharp, and don't miss a step.

I told her I had one thing in mind, and that was taking her back to my hotel room and fucking her for the entire evening.   It was a matter of 6000p to the bar, and then a cab ride back to my hotel.   When she got inside the hotel room, she immediately layed a large kiss on my lips and bent down toward my pants and unzpipped my zipper.   We had only been in the room a matter of 30 seconds and she was already down on my cock , sucking it hard and long, wanting to taste my juices in her mouth.   It was about 3 or 4 minutes into the blowjob and I blew my load in her mouth.  She swallowed it all. 

The rest of the night was unadulterated sex in my hotel bed.  I asked her if she might want to go to Boracay with me, and she said, "Sorry baby, have to work, or the mamasan might get angry." I told her, I'll pay your barfine, and she said, "ok baby."    I spent the an entire week in a Boracay hotel room fucking this little Filipina hottie every which way.  We had sex on the beach a couple of times, and I fucked her bareback, cumming in her pussy multiple times.  She was well worth the trip and the money spent.  All in all, it set me back a grand, but it was well worth the time. 

Here is a video of her in my hotel room in Boracay. As you can see, she is hot, young and has phenominal breasts.   I sucked on those alot that week too.  See my video at Manila Amateurs.  She is ultra hot.

Filipina Poony Zenya Lai gives nice nead and rides cock better than most girls

Zenya Lai is a hot Asian new cumer to porn.  This sexy 18 year older gets picked up curb side for a hot fuck!
  Sexy Asian teen Zenya Lai didn't know what she was getting into when she decided to jump in the vehicle with these guys.   They were filming a video for Street Blow Jobs, a site where they pick up street walking hot babes, and pay them all sorts of cash to do a porn scene.  It's amazing how many girls they get on film, as there seems to be an endless amount of talent in the south Florida area.

Zenya is a sexy Filipina teen with dreams of making it big at something.  Or perhaps, she just wants a big cock instead.  That's what she gets at Street Blow Jobs.  You'll love this scene as Zenya works the cock over senusously with her mouth and hands, and then gets on it POV style and reverse rides the cock.  She rides the cock better than most working that huge 10 inch dick up and down with her hot young Filipina Poony.  She's all good to go, making a thousand bucks and getting the fuck of her lifetime.  See the entire movie here at Street Blow Jobs.

Filipina Pussy - Olived skinned perfection describes Melanie Elyza

Melanie Elyza is a beautiful full figured
Filipino Model with her own porn site
 Imagine a 5 ft 95 pound Filipina beauty, giving you a lap dance, and rubbing those 34C Cup breasts all over your face, and you end up with the hottie to the left.  Melanie Elyza is a beautiful Filipina stripper turned porn model.  She is originally from Manila, Philippines, and now has her own sex-clusive site, which includes solo masterbation and lesbian erotic love scenes with other females.  

Joining her website for $24.95 gives you access to all her videos, her picture sets, and her live webcam shows weekly.   The webcam shows are worth the money spent, as it allows you to see her in person right on your webcam.  She gets naked and plays with her hot young Filipina pussy and ass in multiple positions. She actually orgasms multiple times during the show.  It's probably why she has a webcam in the first place.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Filipina Pussy - Lana Lee does her first lesbian scene

Lana Lee is an ex bargirl from the Philippines
now a pornstar with her own website
It only took about a year for this relatively new Filipino pornstar to do her first lesbian scene.   She was just starting to look comfortable in front of the camera fucking hard white cocks, so it's about time to add another girl into the mix.

If you stopped Lana Lee's website, she has just released a new video that features her along with another cute Filipina making love to each other on camera.  You would almost think that she is lesbian, after she looks so comfortable in front of the camera with this other model.   There is some serious 69 action occuring during the video with both Lana and her counterpart put their faces into each others beavers to stimulate each others juicy young Pinay pussies.

You can join Lana Lee's site, and get access to two other sites for only $2.95 for a three day Trial Membership.  It's worth it, since you also get access to the Trike Patrol, which is an all Filipino Bar Girl fuck video site.   You'll love Lana, her sensual nature, and the fact that this Filipino slut, doesn't just take cock from the same guy every week.  She actually has a few different studs that bang her sweet Filipina pussy.  We highly urge you to check her, and the other sites out.  She is worth the $3.00 bucks.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Filipina Pussy - Stella - new bargirl picked up by the Trike Patrol for sex

Check out the tight firm ass on this
horny Cebu, Philippine bar girl!
The Trike Patrol took a vaction down on Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines to get away from the wild chaos of Manila and Angeles City.  Jimmy's dick had really been worked over by all the hookers he had fucked the last two months.   So, he took one of the Philippine assistants with him to Cebu, to hunt down some Filipina pussy there that he could fuck. 

John, the Philippine stud in this video, took Jimmy to a local bar in Cebu called the Silver Dollar Bar, where they met this hot and horny 23 year older.   She immediately jumped at the chance to film a porn video, thinking that she'd be fucking Jimmy, but it turned out she would be fucking the Filipino cameraman instead.  

Well, it didn't turn out all that bad, as she smiled, and said, "I just need a hard cock in my pussy. I don't care if it's Filipino or American.  Just Fuck me!"  She giggled afterwards.  

Well, we new this was going to be a scene to remember, as Stella worked magic on the camera for the first time.  She new how to suck, fuck and pleasure a hard cock.  She was a professional after all and had done this for the last five years working at Silver Dollar Bar.

Watch this hot new porno starlet from the Philippines in her debut fuck performance only at Trike Patrol.

Filipina Pussy - CatXOXO is a hot new Filipina Teen who has her own website

Catxoxo is a cute new Filipina teen
who has her own website now
Before she had her own porn website, Catxoxo was a sexy young cam girls online for live private sex chat.  You may have seen her at sites like or .  She was and still is one of the hotter, sexier young modesl we've seen online.

She enjoyed meeting men and women on the internet, but wanted to pursue her occupation in a way that many sexy cam girls have gone before her.  She opened her own website.

Check out these hot pics of Cat as she strips down to nothing, showing off that sweet Filipina ass and body, ready for some big cock.  She is a perfect little cam girl turned porn star, and she loves doing it on her website. 

Check out Catxoxo and see one of the hottest Filipina's on the web today.   Access to her site gets you access to six other websites all for the price of one.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Filipina Pussy - Priya Rae - A full figured Filipino beauty ready for hard white cock

King Dong is a website featuring a well hung 11 inch cocked stud pounding beautiful pornstars in erotic hardcore sex videos.  This week, Asian beauty, Priya Rae, entered the King Dong Dom and worked magic on the camera. 

Here are some SAMPLE VIDEOS of the hot fuck scene, featuring this beautiful Asian Porn Star taking that entire cock deep inside her tight pink pussy.  Priya is a professional fuck queen, and knows how to give an erotic performance.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Filipina Pussy - Manila Bar Girl Joyce - A full figured dreamgirl in the sack

Joyce worked at a bikini bar called Visions on
Roxas Blvd in Manila, Philippines
 When we met Joyce, she was dressed in baggie blue jeans and a t-shirt walking into Visions Night Club on Roxas Blvd in Manila, Philippines.  Because of the way she dressed, she was in no means a STUNNER.   Travelling the Philippines multiple times, gave me the advantage of seeing through those baggy clothes, and seeing the real Philippine bar girl underneath all that baggie warddrobe.

I asked the Mamasan to have her sit down with me for a drink.  A minute later, she came by my table and smiled. "Hello Sir, I'm Joyce. May I know your name please?"   My dick got instantly hard, as she smiled when say that.  

It was only a matter of about 20 minutes, then we were out the door, off to my hotel room, to see what this hottie was made of.    At first in the hotel room, she was quite shy, taking her clothes off in the bathroom and showering up before she came out to the bed.   When she came out of the shower, she was wearing some pink colored panties and a black bra.   She was amazing.  Her tits were trying to get out of the bra, as she must have been a 36 cc cup.

Seeing this hot young model on the bed in doggie style with her full found ass up in the air, made my cock hard.  I wanted to mount that and put my dick deep inside her.   She was there for the taking.   Needless to say, Joyce spent the next two weeks as my personal travel assistant throughout the Philippines.  We made love practically ever night, and had some threesomes with other Philippine Bar Girlis we picked up along the way at other clubs.  It was the dream girl cum true.  An all in all great Filipino Sex Travel experience.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Filipina Pussy- Diana the cum guzzler - Trike Patrol Sex Videos

Bar Girl turned pornstar Diana is a cum loving
little Filipina slut fucked by the Trike Patrol
 Diana works at a local Angeles City, Philippine nightclub, making money turning tricks with foreigners.   She has honed her sexual skills to the point that it was time for her to showcase those skills on video.  

The Trike Patrol found her, as one of the members of the team, met her and then barfined her from a bikini bar for some late night fun in the sack.  She proved to be a little hottie, knowing how to make a cock hard, and knowing how to finish that cock off properly in the sack.

Watch Diana, also known now as The Cum Guzzler, as she not only fucks our Filipino pussy hunter Jimmy, but swallows the entire load of cum after the seen.  That's our kind of Filipino pornstar, and the kind of girl you're likely to meet in the Philippines.

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Veronica Lynn has sex with her Courtney Simpson's Ex

When I filmed this scene, the Filipina Porn Star Veronica Lynn showed up early for the shoot.  She knocked on the hotel room door, and looked tentative to come inside.   After she sat down, got her ID out and signed the model releases for the shoots, she confided in me that she was nervous about the days shoot.

Evidently, the male model she would be shooting with this day, Jason Cox, was the then boyfriend of former Arizona University Cheerleader, now famed pornstar hottie Courtney Simpson.  Courtney was Veronica's room mate.   She was about to shoot a love scene with her roomates boyfriend.  Wow!

My dick instantly started to harden, as I thought about the scenario.   She was about to fuck her room mates boyfriend.   I could only imagine what this stud had in store for her sweet Filipina pornstar pussy.

Jason showed up at the door about 15 minutes late, getting stuck in traffic.  He was very quiet and was nervous about the scene as well.   I spoke to them both about what I wanted, a love scene, with lots of kissing.

Well, about 5 minutes later, Jason had his tounge in her mouth, and his dick in her pussy, pounding her hard and long, while both just made out on the bed.   I had to pull them apart, because I couldn't get any good photos or videos of the cock pounding her pussy.   We got some takes of the usual doggie style, reverse ride, and various other positions.  Then they went back to sheer Gonzo fucking, as he almost blew his load inside her pussy.  It sprayed just at the last second all over her freshly fucked pussy, and they just sat there and gazed into each others eyes, and kissed some more afterwards.  It's like they didn't even see me there filming the video.

One side note to this story, about four months later, Courtney Simpson left Jason Cox, as she found out she was fucking around on him off the camera with another girl.  Guess who it was???

This scene is an exclusive video shot by for .  It's an all Asian porn site featuring EXCLUSIVE content for this site.   You won't see it elsewhere.

Genevive is a sexy Filipina with beautiful eyes and even more beautiful tits

Good looking matures are hard to come by in porn, I mean the really beautiful types.  And when you have one, how much money do you wanna spend to sleep with her a night?  Here is this sexy Filipina mom Genevive.  She's a very nice MILF'r, who wants to be your friend and hundreds of other men's friends.  She is married to a lazy Filipino guy, who doesn't work, and sends her out to make ends meat.  "Get to work bitch", as he forces her out the door.  She's ready to unleash some of her anger on some young hard cock! 

When a beauty like this meets up with a young stallion, it's kizmet.  She goes immediately to work on his large white 18 year old cock.  Sucking him and strocking his cock with her hand and mouth.  She knows how to suck dick, as she's done so time and time again, with other men, while away from home.  This is how she makes her living, banging young guys, and getting paid.  

Filipina MILF's like this one need lots of attention.  She loves to fuck, and can't wait until she is out of her house, away from her pissed off lazy assed husband to do so.  Check her videos out at Asian American Girls today.

Sherry Lynn - Bar Girl turned Porn Star at Filipina Magic

Filipina Bargirl turned pornstar Sherry Lynn is live
during the weekends at Filipina Magic on cam
 If you ever strolled into Club Atlantis in Angeles City, Philippines, you may have met this beautiful Pinay 18 year older.  Chances are you did, and chances are you probably fucked her.   Well, that's not where her story ends. 

She recently had a website that was a bio of her days and nights in Angeles City, Philippines.  She was photographed picking up sexy bargirls in clubs, taking them back to the hotel rooms with her having lesbian sex on the bed, and then allowing the camera man cum in and have a three way with her.  

She is now live on cam at , a Filipina cam girl site, featuring hundreds of beautiful Filipina models looking to meet horny foreign men for a good time online.   Meet her today for FREE, and then take her to PRIVATE Chat for some one-on-one sexual fun.  

Fionah in striped mens shirt and nude colored panties

Manila Amateurs features some of the hottest Filipina amateurs in their first hardcore porn picture and video sets.   As with all the models at Manila Amateurs, Fionah is a sexy 18 year older, who doesn't mind showing off that poontang of hers in front of the camera.   If you love Filipina girls, then Fionah is the one for you.

Like most guys, I love all the hot bar girls and coeds from the Philippines.  They have a exotic yet sensual side to them, and posing in front of the camera gives them that look and feel that you yearn for when viewing pictures like this. 

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Max Mikita - Sexy Filipino MILF fucked by huge black cock

Sexy Filipino MILF'r Max Mikita
takes a large black cock in this hot
interracial sex video
Filipino Porn Star legend Max Mikita returns in this quirky video at Milfs Like it Black.  Staged in a POW prison, A black ex Green Beret haunted by memories of Vietnam, gets his revenge on a hot MILF'r Asian pussy. Once the perfect killing machine, now this well hung black stud is the perfect fucking machine.

Watch this HOT CLIP as Max Mikita gets the cock she's wanted.  She's stayed far too long in this prison, and needs the first cock she sees. Luckily it's a huge black monster, and this brother gives it all to this lucky Asian slut. 

Max is still looking good at 34 years of age, and still knows how to please a hard cock.   She loves the action, bent over, missionary, or legs behind the head while she fucks.  There's some great kissing, as she can't control herself while she gets that long schlong deep inside her tight Filipina Poony.

Watch this video and more at MILF's Like it Black.

Three bargirls are better than one - Leslie, Nikka and Fate

Leslie, Nikka and Fate await their foreign counterpart
in a hot three way sex video at Hot Manila Nights
Leslie, Nikka and Fate have all done porn before, starring in hardcore porn videos at Trike Patrol.  This time, they are all assembled, but for another website called Hot Manila Nights.    It's another income source for three hotties who hate it when they have to leave the bar with some fat ugly smelly foreigner, and fuck him all night long.  This is a better alternative and a chance to make a bit more money than they would turning tricks.

In this scene, the three girls assemble in a ABC Hotel Room bed to fuck each other and the lucky foreigner taking the video.   They work each others pussies over and then his hard cock, making sure each girl gets their share of hard white dick in their tight tiny Filipino holes.   They yearn for more as this stud pounds their pussies mercilessly, making them beg for the cum at the end.  Some fancy cum swapping brings an end to this video, with the youngest, and hottest by far, Fate (pictured center) swallowing the entire load for the camera.  

These are the kind of sexy bargirls you would love having in your hotel room when travelling through Angeles City.  See this hot sex scene and more at Hot Manila Nights.

Gemma bends her sweet Filipina pussy over for the camera

Gemma is a sexy young Pinay bargirl waiting in the bar to meet the man who will take her away from all of this.  Along cums a horny foreigner, who buys her ladies drinks, sweet talks her, teases her, makes her laugh, and the next thing you know he's got her back at his hotel room taking videos of her with a dick in her ass.

That's the beauty of travelling to the Philippines to take porn videos.  At Exploited Teens Asia, this British stud has hundreds of Filipina and Thai bar girls in their first hardcore porn scenes ever. 

Gemma was a catch, as she did look good, and after a few beers, she was ready to do just about anything in front of the camera.  Well, we give our 4 out of 5 stars to this beauty, who sucks and fucks a cock better than most.   See her and hundreds of other beautiful Filipina sexy porn videos at Exploited Teens Asia.

Cherry Girl - A Dark Skinned Full Figured Filipino Doll

When it gets hot in the Philippines, sexy Pinay's love to take a shower to cool off.  That's just what 34DD Cherry Girl 69 is doing.   After a long night working the clubs of Angeles City, this bargirl turned pornstar loves to get wet and wild on the camera. 

Philippine girls like Cherry don't mind showing off their naked boy for the camera, especially when there is money to be made.  Cherry has her own website, dedicated to the Philippine pussy lovers of the internet.  She wants guys to check out her hot tended pink pussy and those luciuos young melons of hers. 

With a flawless body like heres, it's easy to see why guys would travel from miles away just to cum see her in the bar. Well, travel no further, as you can also see her on weekends at as well.   That's right, she wants to meet foreign men for friendship and perhaps something more. 

Guys wish they would be the soap in their hands that slide up and down their entire sexy Filipina body.  Check out Cherry Girls site.