Sunday, December 30, 2012

Filipina Freelancer Cloe fucked on video

Cindy is a province girl living in Manila, Philippines working as a freelancer at a local Ermita club called Manila Bay Cafe.   She has been sucking and fucking since she got to Manila, and knows how to make a man very satisfied.

Manila Bay Cafe is a well known bar in Manila, catoring to "cheap Charlies" looking for a low cost fuck.   Whether it be in the afternoon or the evening, the Manila Bay Cafe is open 24/7, and never has a problem filling the place up with hot Filipina whores ready to meet their man for a quickie or for the evening.

In this video, the guys from the Trike Patrol meet Cloe at the club, and pay her 1000p to come back to the hotel room to fuck.  Another 1000p, and she's fucking in front of the video camera.  That's how cheap and how easy it is to film and fuck bargirls in the Philippines.

Cloe was a memorable lay, working extra hard, because it was on film. Perhaps she felt that being seen on a pornsite like Trike Patrol might increase her chances of meeting more foreign men. Perhaps it was that she just loved the big cock splitting her tight young Filipina pussy apart.   It was probably a bit of both, as she truly enjoyed fucking, and became an instant celebrity via fucking for the Trike Patrol


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Angeles City Pussy - Filipina 18 Archives

Julie is a sexy bargirl from Bottoms A-GoGo on P. Burgos Street in Makati

The archives of Philippine porn keep on growing at  I just checked out the site, and the owner keeps adding new Filipina porn scenes with hot young bargirls with fantastic pussies and asses.   It's still one of the best, most in depth sites on the web, when it comes to Filipina pussy.

The bargirls featured in this blog were actual photos taken by the owner, showing the hotness available at the Angeles City, Philippine a-gogo bars on any given night.  There is so much hot Philippine pussy in these clubs, that it would take a year for a guy to just fuck a small portion of the bargirls that are available in this town.

Check out Filipina 18 for monthly updated episodes and access to six other Asian and Filipino porn websites.   You will be surprised at the amazing amount of pussy on these sites.

Bianca from Club Arena in Cebu, Philippines
Marlene from Thunderdome in Cebu, Philippines
Joyce, from Visions A-Gogo Bar in Manila, Philippines
Jenny from Rhapsody A-GoGo in Angeles City, Philippines

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot Filipina Pussy Fucks Big Foreign Cock

The Trike Patrol picks up all kinds of hot Filipina Pussy on their travels throughout the Philippines.  Maxine happens to be one wild and horny Pinay that loves hard foreign cock.  The Trike Patrol was right up her alley, as she loved the idea of going back to this foreigners room and servicing his sexual needs for a quick $100 dollars.

Maxine is the latest and one of the more hornier bitches to fuck on video.  She was picked up at a downtown Angeles City, Philippine a-gogo bar right off of Fields Avenue.   The Trike Patrol had stopped there for a quick San Miquel beer, when they saw her playing pool.   A game of billiards ensued, and Maxine was all open to the idea of fucking this horny foreigner back at his hotel room. 

That's how easy it is to pick up a hot and horny girl in the Philippines, and the Trike Patrol does it every week, picking up gorgeous young hotties like Maxine and fucking them silly.   John, the sex starved pussy traveller loves cumming inside his bitches, so Maxine got a nice deep warm creampie at the end of the fucking.  Watch her hot Filipina pussy filled with big cock and warm cum now..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Two Pussies Are Better Than One

If you ever have chatted with Filipina girls at sites like or, you have probably met these two young Pinay hotties.   The "Chat Twins" as John calls them, are two beautiful young 18 year olders he plucked from Filipina Webcams for some late night boom boom in his Angeles City, Philippine hotel room.   Ergo the title of the post, "Two Pussies Are Better Than One".  In this case, it is totally true.

When you see these hot young Pinays get on Johns cock and make him cum, you'll be off to buy a ticket for the Philippines, or head to the nearest computer to whack off to these girls online.  

John's having an amazing time in the Philippines, and his sex tour is going strong, 5 months going now.

Filipina Sisters

Trike Patrol

Filipina Pussies

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pinay Pussy - Week 14 - Filipina Sex Diary

Week 14 of the Filipina Sex Diary includes fucking two beautiful Cebuana Twin Sisters in John Tron's hotel room.   A memorable moment, as the two lovely Filipina teens work his cock over in tandem, like they've done this a thousand times before.   That's a moment any foreign sex traveller will never forget. 

Also, is beautiful Filipina teen Veronica, a sexy 18 year old Cebuana, that loves a hard cock in her pussy and warm cum deep inside her.   That's right, sex traveller John leaves his entire load in her tight Asian pussy.  This guy is either going to get an STD or have hundreds of babys to take care of before he leaves the Philippines.

It's safe to say that this great porn site, that has been in operation now for four months is one of the hottest sites on the web.   First off, to fuck sisters, and then a beautiful teen like Veronica is alway hot.  But to do this week in and week out for over four months, is incredible.   This guys has banged some beautiful Pinay pussy, and he's not done yet.

Filipina Pussy - Jeremay and Maika Threeway

A while back, we picked up a little Filipina cutie by Trike called Maika.  She was all but 85 pounds of pure Filipina Pussy.   She was a real sweetheart when we met her, but turned into a wild sex fiend once in the hotel room.  It was a good day meeting Maika, and great time fucking her.

Forward a couple months to April of 2012, where we saw Maika and a friend of hers walking to their gogo bar (where they work) in Angeles City, Philippines.  She instantly knew who we were, and why we were there.  She said something to her girlfriend, Jeremay, as to say, "hey, these guys have money".   Jeremay was a bit shy at first, but warmed up to the idea of coming back to the hotel room to talk some business with us.

Now, most of the girls we pay usually receive around $100 US dollars to fuck on video.  That's pretty cheap considering US pornstar get on average around $1000 to fuck on video.  But we got two girls for $100 bucks total, $50 to Maika and $50 to Jeremay to fuck us both on video.  It was pure heaven, as once they got into it, it really got hot.

Jeremay was a real cutie, following Maika's lead.  Once she got that dick inside her tight Filipina pussy, it was all over.  She was hooked on big cock and she worked it like a little slut that was hiding deep inside her.  She fucked hard, as Maika kissed her lips and licked her nipples.  It was pure heaven, both for the Trike Patrol stud, and for the two girls.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot Filipina Webcams Model Lovely Gem

Lovely Gem is a beautiful 20 year old cam model live at daily for live sex chat!

One of my all time favorite girls at is Lovely Gem (pictured above).  As you can see, she has one of the hottest bodies and sexiest tiny Pinay asses on live cam.   She is always beautiful, making sure to wear makeup, and dress in sexy outfits like the one above.  One night she'll be a little Filipina School Girl, and the next night she'll be a madam in lingerie and high heels with crotchless panties.  She's a treat to meet and fun to watch.

My favorite position during sex has got to be doggie style, which as you can see, is her favorite position, and a position you will most likely have her pose for you while your stroking one off in private with her.  The private chat show cost me $1.99 per minute.  That's actually pretty cheap, considering you will pay close to $4.00 per minute for Russian cam girls or Euro girls on cam.  The time per minute doesn't matter, as she is always making sure your time is money, and she gets right to the point.

Of course, she is a flirt, telling me that her studio owner boyfriend is fucking the other models at the studio.  She gets back at him by making sure customers are well taken care of.  She actually provides you her Yahoo Messenger ID, so you can chat offline with her.  She is wild, erotic, and most of all horny, when you do a two way chat with her.  She loves to see you stroking your meat while she fucks her tight little Pinay ass with her 8 inch vibrating dildo.

Lovely Gem is more than a cam model, she is a pornstar with a body made for sex, and a mind made for money.  She'll get you hard and keep you coming back as she knows how to get your money out of you.  She's great.

Meet her tonight at !

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pussy and More Pussy - Filipino Style

When you meet up with twins in the Philippines it's alot of fun.  First of all, each of them will be working every bit to try to get in your pants, while the other counters with her own attack of how to win over your heart.  What inevitably ends up happening is a threesome with TWINS.  That's what happened when our foreign sex tourist John meets up with two bargirl sisters, who are actually twins.

Angeles City is too much fun for this sex traveller, as he pays each sister $100 US dollars to come back to his hotel room and fuck them both on camera.   Both agree, this is a good chance at some good money, and take up the offer.

When John is finished, both girls are rewarded with a shot of cum in their face, and a hundred dollars in their pockets.  

That's twins for you, Filipino Style.

See the entire Video at


Friday, April 27, 2012

Filipina Pussy - Week 2 - Filipina Sex Diary

When it comes down to hunting pussy in the Philippines, the German Sex Traveller seems to have it done to a science.  He finds some of the hottest and horniest Filipina pussy to fuck, and gets it all on video so his blog followers can view it.  The Filipina Sex Diary is a brand new website, updated weekly, with beautiful Filipina bargirls, coeds and girlfriends, fucking on video and loving every inch of it.

This week, week 2, our sex traveller is in Angeles City, Philippines, frequenting the bars and riding the lonely streets of AC to search down some hot Filipina pussy.  He finds a couple beauties this week in Ethel (18 YEARS OLD) and Nica (19 YEARS OLD).   They both give it up on video camera in some sensual cock loving porn videos.

Ethel is a beautiful Asian girl with a very sensual side to her.  She strokes our sex tourists hard white cock and sucks on it as any man would want his cock sucked.   Nica is a slender little lesbian whore, who only works the bars to make money.  However, she does just as well with cocks as she does with pussies, and makes sure our foreign sex traveller is very happy at the end of their midnight fuck session.

It's fun to see the updates, as he finds new, hot, beautiful Filipina poongtang to pound.  You can view it all, udated weekly only at the:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Filipina Sex Diary - Week 1 - Arriving in Angeles City

In his first week in the Philippines, our foreign sex traveller has chronicled his first three conquests on his brand new Video Porn Blog called Filipina Sex Diary.   Marjorie, pictured above, was just one of the lovely young Filipina beauties he met. Kikai and Shiela are two other gorgeous hotties shown in the video below.

The first stop for this horny foreigner were the clubs and streets of Angeles City, Philippines.  His cock was hard and ready for just about anything that moved.   Angeles City has over 100 clubs, also known as A-GoGo Bars and Bikini Bars.

Kikai, his first girl to video tape, was a beautiful 18 year older, with a beautiful face, and a smile that could melt your heart.  She sucked and fucked like a professional, obviously learning from her experience in the clubs.  

Marjorie, another hot 18 year old, was also from a club, and a bit more experienced than Kikai.  She loved working that cock over with her hot young Pinay pussy, and made sure our foreign sex traveller was well taken care of.  He even claims to want to fuck this hottie again.

Shiela was a young 18 year old Pinay teen, with a tight young body, and a very shy girl.  However, like most of the girls at the clubs, they know that doing their job in bed, will put money in their pocket.  She sucked and fucked like a pro, and loved the hard 9 inches entering her tight little vagina.

Prior to our Filipina Sex Travellers flight to the Philippines, he met a wonderful young Pinay on webcam by the name of Anabel.  He gets to meet her, but she doesn't let him fuck her.  She is playing hard to get, and our foreign sex hound, wants her pussy bad.  I'm sure you'll see him fuck her in future videos of the Filipina Sex Diary.  Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Filipina Sex Diary - Rebecka - Incredible Young Bargirl

Rebecka was one of the hottest 18 year old Filipina girls I've ever fucked.  Not only did she have fantastic round young breasts, but she had a perfect ass and pussy that was ready for a hard foriegn cock to fit inside it. 

This horny little Asian teen was working at a gogo bar in downtown Angeles City, Philippines called Blue Nile Executive Club.  When I first met her, she gave me that smile, and sat down to have a drink with me to "chicka chicka".  She cuddled right up to me on the couch in the back of the club. I could feel her fantastic D cup breasks rub against my side.  It was only a matter of moments, where I grabbed her face and laid a huge deep french kiss to her, right there in the club.  She obliged, and started to french kiss me back there, while putting her hand on my pants, rubbing my hard cock inside my jeans. 

I told the club manager or mamasan as they say in the Philippines, "I want this girl for a week".  The barfine only cost me around 8000p, which was a little bit less than $200 US for the entire week.   We got back to the hotel room, maybe 30 minutes later, and I took her pants off, without shower and went down on that fantastic young pussy, while rubbing those huge tits until her nipples became erect.

Hours of french kissing and fucking lasted on into the night Rebecka was one of the more beautiful Filipina dolls I've ever met.  She fucked me hard all week long, and took care of every sexual need.   She agreed to fuck for my new site - a site featuring my sex travel experiences throughout the Philippines.   You have to see her sex video.  She is beautiful and one of the hottest girls to fuck on film.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Filipina Sex Diary

Zen is a beautiful 18 year old Filipina hottie with long hair and a slender young body.  She loves meeting foreign men, especially the kind of guys that take care of her, buy her lunch, and pay her well.  Zen was paid, what she thought was alot of money, $100 to be in a sex video.   Filipina Sex Diary is the first to fuck her on film, and our forieng sex traveller did well.

Zen is just one of the many beauty in Filipina Sex Diary.  The site is a running video blog featuring weekly fuck videos of our sex travellers most recent conquests.  This site has some hot Filipina pussy starring in it and it's connected to Trike Patrol, so you get both sites for only $29.95.  

Friday, March 30, 2012

Filipina Pussy - Jane Loves The Attention and the Money

This delicious Filipina hooker was ready, willing and able to not only fuck, but do it on video camera for next to nothing.   Picking her up was easy, and convincing her to fuck in front of the camera was even more easy.

Some Bargirls like Jane just get it.  They understand that if they fuck on camera and tell guys where they work, that guys will jump in line to be the next to fuck her for cash.  Being a pornstar even gives Jane the ability to make more money, as guys want to tap this, just like I did in this video. 

Jane was by far one of the hottest and horniest bargirls I've ever met in Manila.  She worked at Bottoms Bar on P. Burgos Street.  She is by far, one of the most requested bargirls in the club, and to this day, makes good money fucking clientel looking for her at the club.   The Japanese guys love her slender body, and love the way she makes their cocks stand at attention.  

What she really loves is the notority from being a pornstar.  She loves when guys drool over her in the club, barfine, and take her back to a nice hotel room to fuck all night long.  Her pussy doesn't mind the action, and it is welcome to all shapes and sizes.

See my video fucking this horny Filipino Bargirl at

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fate - Filipina Pornstar Now Filipina Camgirl

The model located in the center of the picture is Fate, a hot young 18 year older who was photographed and videotaped in multiple porn scenes at Hot Manila Nights.  She is very hot, with a slender Filipina body, small but firm young breasts, and a delicious shaved pussy made for porn.  The scene to the right featured two of her bargirl friends, in a hot threesome with a horny foreign on the prowl for hot Filipina pussy.  This guy loved fucking Fate so much, that he had her back again for another scene. 

Searching out new cam models can be exciting, as most of the girls who do cam porn, work at the gogo bars in Angeles City or Manila.  These same girls are the ones who do porn videos for foreign companies like Hot Manila Nights.   It just so happens that as I was surfing for babes on cam, I found beautiful Fate, now called Sweet Stella.  She was online during the day, with a pretty solid webcam and she wanted some private chat with me.  I obliged and was able to see that fantastic young Filipina pussy on webcam for only .99 cents a minute.  AT the end of the show, she gave me her Yahoo Chat address so we could continue our conversation online after the show.  I'm awestruck by meeting her and can't wait for more hardcore chat.

Screen Shots from Fate's Porn Shoot at Hot Manila Nights

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Filipina Pussy - Alma - Filipino Sex Tour

Alma is a cute 18 year old Pinay from Angeles City, Philippines.  We picked her up at a local Filipina Agogo bar on Fields Avenue for some late night fun.  She was so hot and fuckable, that we asked her if she wanted to do some porn for Filipino Sex Tour.  She agreed, and giggled her entire way through the video.

The giggling stopped when that hard Pinoy cock was put inside her.  She moaned, and gave that look like it felt really good inside her.  She came time and time again and wanted more and more.

Filipino Sex Tour has beautiful 1st time Pinay teens in hardcore Filipino porn videos.  It's high quality entertainment with lots of beautiful Filipina teens to enjoy having sex.  Get access to six other sites as well, when you become a member.